People of the State of California v. Lavender Lingerie, LLC dba Savage X Fenty

The deadline to submit a claim form expired on April 3, 2023.



You received a Notice because Defendants’ records indicate that you were a California customer who sought, acquired or purchased any goods from Defendant and who had a billing or shipping address located in the State of California.

You have the right to know about this litigation and about your legal rights and options (if any) regarding the Settlement. Please read the rest of this FAQ carefully for eligibility and claims information.

A legal settlement has been reached in a consumer protection lawsuit. This settlement requires Lavender Lingerie, LLC dba Savage X Fenty to make certain changes to how it advertises automatically renewing subscriptions and VIP Memberships on its website, Automatic renewal means a plan or arrangement in which a paid subscription or purchasing agreement is automatically renewed at the end of a definite term for a subsequent term.

The settlement also provides money to eligible California customers.


You may be included in the settlement if all of these are true:

1. You were enrolled in a paid subscription of the VIP Membership at any time prior to November 23, 2022;

2. You did not ever “Skip the Month” or purchase an item after your initial purchase and membership enrollment;

3. You were charged for at least one automatically renewed cycle without your knowledge or consent; and

4. You canceled your AUTOMATIC RENEWAL or CONTINUOUS SERVICE contract;

5. You never received a refund of the above charge(s).


The restitution payments shall be as follows:

A. Subject to a potential pro rata deduction pursuant to paragraph 25(b) of the “Final Judgment and Injunction Pursuant to Stipulation”, each Eligible Recipient in the Final List of Payees shall receive a complete refund of all amounts paid to Defendant prior to November 23, 2022.

B. The total cash restitution paid shall not exceed the amount in the Restitution Fund. If the amount of total valid cash claims by Eligible Recipients exceeds that amount, the per-person amount shall be reduced pro rata so that the total cash restitution equals the amount in the Restitution Fund.

If you meet all the eligibility criteria above and want to be included in the Settlement, you must submit a claim by April 3, 2023. To do so, please click here.


For additional information, you may view the Final Judgment and Injunction Pursuant to Stipulation on the Court Documents page. If you have questions about the Settlement, please contact the Settlement Administrator or Class Counsel, as follows:

Settlement Administrator

Class Counsel

People of the State of California v. Lavender

Lingerie, LLC dba Savage X Fenty

c/o CPT Group, Inc.

50 Corporate Park

Irvine, CA 92606

Telephone: 1-888-317-0363


Bradley Mullins

Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP

2049 Century Park East, 18th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90067


If you encounter any technical issues or other problems submitting your claim, please contact the Settlement Administrator by calling 1-888-317-0363, or by emailing